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2025, China Siap Tempatkan Astronot di Bulan

2025, Chna Siap Tempatkan Astronot di Bulan

Beijing's ambition to put an astronaut on the moon in 2025 and began an investigation to explore Mars and Venus in the five years from now.

Director of the China Space Agency, Ye Peijian, said China could make the first manned aircraft landing on the moon within 15 years from now. They even claimed to be able to send probes to Mars in 2013 and Venus in 2015.

"China has full capacity to achieve the exploration of Mars in 2013," he added, as quoted by The Guardian, Tuesday (21/09/2010).

Indeed in the last seven years China's ambitions to become the third country to put one of its citizens in space. Astronaut Yang Liwei, became the first astronaut into orbit in 2008.
Confirmed later this week, China plans to build the first space station around the year 2020.

"Space program has been developing very fast but of course, China still lags far when compared with the United States and Russia because they have the most advanced technology," said Professor Fu Song, deputy dean of Tsinghua University School of Aerospace in Beijing.

"This is clearly a very difficult task but I think in terms of technology, China can do it. The United States is technically capable of doing it almost half a century ago," he added.

Added as well, the moon is a world that is foreign to humans and there are many things waiting to be explored. He said there might still waiting for the energy resources found.
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Kamis, 16 September 2010

PenemuaN Mayat Gadis Yang Terbunuh 1.800 Tahun Silam

PenemuaN Mayat Gadis Yang Terbunuh 1.800 Tahun Silam

The little girl younger than nine years with his hands tied and injuries to the head because the violence was finally discovered after 1,800 years.

This harshest possible murder mystery is "cold cases" which have been resolved until today. The mystery that made the police confusion and archaeologists since this event occurred 1,800 years ago.

This little girl's skeleton was found at the Roman fort, Vindolanda, near Bordan Mill, Northumberland. Thorough examination will be done in a few days and sort them out a few months later.

Cremation at that time prohibited, archaeologists believe that the girl was murdered and then buried in a hurry so as not to arouse suspicion. It remains unclear whether the girl's head injury was the cause of death of that poor child.

Dr Trudi Buck, physical anthropologist from Durham University in ensuring that the framework is a framework that kid probably is a girl. The possibility of the girl was found bound to see the current position.

Vindolanda director of excavations, Dr Andrew Birley said "scenario that may happen is the little girl is considered a treasure in which two soldiers end up fighting noisyand wounding innocent little girl."

This sort of thing often happened, Birley grandfather never find a similar framework with a dagger stabbing the corpse ribs
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Tenaga Misterius Antariksa Bingungkan NASA

Tenaga Misterius Antariksa Bingungkan NASA

A NASA satellite which was launched 30 years ago, has been influenced by a mysterious force. This phenomenon is able to change the laws of physics.

Scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said Pioneer 10 satellites that take pictures of Jupiter before leaving the solar system in 1983, has now pulled back to the sun by an unknown force.

However, this incident does not give effect weakening energy spacecraft in space travel. Scientists are even considering the possibility of an investigation about a new force of nature.

NASA research team member Dr. Philip Laing said his team has examined the entire system based on existing theory. However, there is no acceptable explanation. "If this effect is real, the emerging theory will have a major impact on the system of cosmology and spacecraft navigation," said Laing.

NASA's Pioneer 10 was launched on March 2, 1972. Kembarannnya besama with the Pioneer 11, the two satellites is revolutionizing the science of astronomy by presenting a detailed picture of Jupiter and Saturn.

Scientists initially suspected that the gas emerging from the rocket motor on board small satellites, has been leaked thus generate nuclear power. However, this theory has been ruled out.

They could not find an explanation about the existence of constant strength, good understanding of the effects of gravity and solar radiation, which triggers rapid decline with distance.

This strange behavior also eliminates the possibility that the two aircraft are being influenced by the gravitational pull of planets that are not known outside the solar system.

Space scientist at Salford University Dr. Duncan Steel says likely theory about the weak force, which proved to have a big impact on a cosmic scale. "This may be the reason why the comet appears to earth millions of years ago. We might have questions about the law of gravity, "he said
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RoboThespian | Robot Pemandu yang Punya Rasa Humor

RoboThespian | Robot Pemandu yang Punya Rasa Humor

RoboThespian, a humanoid robot from a small company in Cornwall, England was finally purchased by the U.S. space agency (NASA). Robots that can speak 15 languages is apparently also has a sense of humor.

Quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (16/09/2010), RoboThespian accidentally purchased for a robot guide at the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral, U.S.. Unmitigated, NASA also must merogeh pockets deep enough to $ 91,560, or about Rp 821 million.

RoboThespian that some body comprised of compressed air and is made by Cornish aluminimum Firm Engineered Arts which has only seven employees.

This robot was first created in 2006 to take part of the Mechanical Theatre at the Eden Project, UK. The next year, RoboThespian make an official debut at the Association of Science-Technology Centers Conference in Los Angeles, USA by displaying a series of videos and interact with the audience.

"We are very proud," said one RoboThespian maker, Will Jackson. "We managed to beat several robots made the best U.S. and Japanese companies," he concluded.

This robot comes in three variations of the Lite, Standard and Deluxe and will also be hired for special occasions.
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Senin, 13 September 2010

Ilmuwan Bisa ‘Baca’ Rahasia Otak di Komputer

Ilmuwan Bisa ‘Baca’ Rahasia Otak di Komputer
The human brain is like a maze that is difficult to predict. However, scientists have managed to change the code, the brain signals into a computer that can read human minds.

In recent years, a series of interesting and surprising experiment has been done to dismantle the labyrinth of the human brain. Far exceeded the limits, we seem very open mind on something new and interesting to watch as part of the human body functions.

The scientists in Utah announced that they successfully transformed brain signals into code words that will be interpreted in the computer.

Using sensors embedded in the brains of volunteers, scientists managed to record the electrical signals produced by the brain when someone reads ten words, like 'yes', 'no', 'hungry' and so forth.

After a few moments, the team was able to distinguish the signals the brain that correlate with certain words. The implication is that, someday, this technique can be used on paralyzed patients and people who are isolated due to brain damage.

Most people suffer difficulty communicating with their loved ones due to brain systems disrupted. Utah experiment is a series of recent studies involving "electronic telepathy 'where brain signals has been read by a password that is defined through a computer device.

For example, several years ago, scientists using a brain-scanner to monitor brain activity when volunteers are shown pictures of everyday scenes. The scanner has been studying how the brain reacts to thousands of images and patterns generated when the volunteers saw a picture.

Basically, the way the brain works is part of the human mind. This is nothing more than a twitch separate sides, like a muscle and the human heartbeat. However, the implications of mind reading can be a matter of controversy, related to the practical side and legality.

This allows devices such as soldiers or pilots to control and create a policy concerning the aircraft or tanks, with the power of the mind. Therefore, this technology will offer tremendous advantages for each country by expanding it.
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Terungkap, Rahasia Mumi 2.500 Tahun

Terungkap, Rahasia Mumi 2.500 Tahun
Thanks to modern science, the 2500-year-old Egyptian mummy was finally identified. He apparently is men aged 45-55 years with a height of about 1.8 meters.

Artists Beureu of the federal Alcohol, Tobacco, firearms and Explosive (ATF) in collaboration with cardiologists and curator of Kansas Nelson-Atkins, to scientifically analyze the physical characteristics of the mummy, named named Ka-nefer-i's.

In this unusual collaboration, Sharon Whitaker and Robert "Randy" Strode from ATF struggling for almost three months. They used a sophisticated computer program known as Electronic Facial Identification Technique (EFIT) Program.

Robert Cohon, curator of ancient art Nelson-Atkins says his satisfaction with the work of ATF agents for general information about the mummy. Through modern science, this group set-i Ka-nefer is a 45-55 year old male with a height of approximately 5 feet 5 inches (1.8 meters) and shoe size 7.

The mummy was part of a new Egyptian gallery, which opened in May at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

"The image proximity strengthen ATF man who lived thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt," said Cohon.

Kenneth Melson from the ATF said the ATF's mission involves many unique and interesting kriminan cases worldwide. "The forensic investigators have also jointly solve the mystery of the mummy of anonymity from 2500 this year."
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Boeing 787 Tawarkan Kemewahan

Boeing 787 Tawarkan Kemewahan
In addition was made in the biggest building in the world, the Boeing 787 aircraft was also the first commercial use of carbon composites. This revolutionary aircraft passengers certainly will not suffer adverse effects in long-distance flights.

Boeing 787 not only appeal concerning the structure or size of similar houses, but also what is contained therein. Initially, Boeing designed the plane as an ordinary aircraft, but Boeing factory in Everett adds some phase of construction in the wings, tail and other parts of the fuselage.

Boeing 787 aircraft named and given a price of around U.S. $ 150 million (Rp1, 3 trillion), up to U.S. $ 200 million (Rp1, 8 trillion). Boeing 787 Rolls-Royce engines built in England although it is still a choice. Approximately 25% of the aircraft was built in England.

Boeing 787 is also the first commercially built aircraft centered on the composition of carbon. Boeing 787 inaugural flight was made in December last year with a short trip from Everett to Boeing Field, south of the airport in Seattle.

Build a new aircraft is a big job, so that the whole program could cost stunning, U.S. $ 45 billion (Rp409, 5 trillion). Design 787 takes 800 thousand hours on supercomputers.

Carbon composite technology has been present for decades and regularly used in test flights and military interests. But this 787 is the first passenger plane that uses 70% of carbon.

Yarn fibers are arranged in a particular layer, and woven into different directions. This technique creates a very lightweight material and very strong, at least four times stronger than steel.

A plane, usually consisting of a rectangular panel which tied together with tens of thousands of nails. However, with this carbon composite, the entire aircraft body parts can be made in a section that basically burned a giant oven called an autoclave.

What is unique, systems, cables and electronic materials limy in one section. Besides saving money, this will result in assembly time per aircraft is only four days.

Part 50 aircraft coming from different places divided in 17 U.S. states and ten countries, including England. Outsourcing systems needed to create a unique fleet of aircraft to transport.

One revolution of the passenger plane Boeing is certainly not going to suffer adverse effects in long-distance flights. So far most of the aircraft cabin pressure while flying at an altitude of eight thousand feet above sea level.

On the other hand, the 787 will have pressure, but the conditions are like at an altitude of six thousand feet. This can improve the comfort and help reduce the effects of jet lag (excessive dizziness tired of air travel).

Not only that, most systems that rely on hydraulic elements have now been replaced with electronic equipment. The computer will detect the problem, so the land can be alert to any event automatically, even when the aircraft is in flight.

This will enable more rapid turnover between flights and ensure airlines can minimize delays. When flying through turbulence, the software reacts quickly to make adjustments on the control plane.
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